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Argument For Compact And Sub Compact Vehicles

This is an interesting argument and I have been giving it considerable thought for many years. While I was working in Germany, I noticed many very nice compact cars that singles, small families and even retirees enjoyed. In Italy, you see very nice small compact cars that have the same comforts as their Mid-Size cousins. Comforts such as leather interior and seats, Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control come and are available. Consider a sample of the following top compact and sub compact cars for 2013:

  • Fiat 500
  • Smart Car/Smart for Two
  • Honda Fit
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Mini Cooper

This is a sample and there are many cars that could be on this list. The Fiat 500 represents a growing trend towards small, stylish cars that are great for major cities. This trend is apparent, as urban dwellers need practical cars that can fit in smaller parking spaces and better gas mileage. My first introduction to the Smart Car was in Munich when I was teaching at Munich Business School. I wanted to take a picture of it and my prepaid phone had no camera with it! It was a convertible and I couldn't believe how small and stylish it was. Imagine parking a car like that in Los Angeles or San Francisco – no problem!

The Honda Fit, Chevrolet Spark and Mini Cooper represent a new reality in design, marketing and practicality that smartly target modern urban dwellers. Whether you live in a highly urban area or the suburbs, take a closer look at these vehicles. They are inexpensive, digitally integrated and highly affordable. The marketing of these vehicles target young professionals however a small family can benefit from possessing one of these vehicles as a fuel saving alternative or second vehicle. The Mini Cooper with sharp looks, great gas mileage and BMW Engineering represents the obvious “High End” of this list. People from small families to retirees have been utilizing the Mini Cooper as a fun and affordable second car. There's both opportunity and wisdom here.

In these tough and uncertain economic times, consumers really need to be more practical with their used car choices. Rising gas prices force consumers to make more realistic and practical car purchase choices. This recent Yahoo article presents the argument that the cost of a new car is out of reach for most Americans and a new car, which at one point in time, represented middle class is no longer valid. The fact that many middle class Americans are working harder for less and that a new car is simply out of reach for the masses. Americans are keeping their cars longer and putting more miles on them because it's cheaper. This author takes this argument even further: I have two motorcycles and I put all my miles on these machines and save my car for bad weather and dates.

With high gas prices and growing city populations, city dwellers need think about practicality and saving space. This is great list to start with if you're serious about purchasing a small sub compact car. In any city, you might want to be practical and save money by purchasing a sub compact car and reduce your footprint – situation willing. With all the sporty options that are available with many sub compacts, you can get performance with a smaller car and reduce your footprint. In my opinion, that's a more economical and feasible alternative.

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